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Aggressive Optimism

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Growing up, Jenna was what she calls a “walking statistic.” According to the experts and those around her, she should have been a teen mom living in poverty with an abusive husband addicted to some form of drug. But, she made the choice, at an early age, to break the cycle and has since created the incredible life she had only dreamed about as a kid. In this speech, she talks about how she overcame her circumstances and shares how the audience can, too.

Yes. And?


In this workshop, Jenna draws from her 20+ year career as an actor, bringing in the improve game “yes.and?” as a practical and non-stressful way to help the students acknowledge the obstacles in front of them that might be getting in the way of their goals and dreams and work from a solution perspective to come up with ways for them to get around those obstacles. Allowing them to troubleshoot real life issues on their own and in a fun way. 

It’s resilience training wrapped in a game and the students love it!


"I can't wait to have Jenna back"

- Melanie Diaz (CA FBLA Conference Coordinator)




Jenna Edwards is an Actor (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Malcolm in the Middle), an Award-Winning Film Producer (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu) and a #1 Best- Selling Author who is passionate about spreading the idea of Aggressive Optimism as far and wide as she is able to.

Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, Jenna was (what she calls) a “walking statistic." According to the experts, she should have been pregnant at 16, living in poverty with an abusive husband, addicted to some form of drug.

Instead, she made the choice to break the cycle and since then she has traveled the world (beginning as an exchange student in Thailand her senior year of high school), been on TV, and in movies, co- authored a #1 best-selling book and currently lives (not in poverty) in Los Angeles with her loving and supportive husband and she has just recently traveled the country for a year.

She attributes her incredible life to being aware that she has a choice, that our circumstances do not have to define us and that if we practice aggressive optimism when the going gets tough, we truly can create the life we dream of living.

Using her acting ability and passion for her message, Jenna is able to deliver her stories in a heart-felt, genuine and relatable way. Her commitment to helping others shines through and your students will truly get a sense of how much she cares.



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